My Healing Journey

Wellness Is Not a Destination…
It’s a Lifestyle!

My healing journey has not always been easy but it has truly been amazing. Today, living well naturally is… natural for me.

I truly hope my story will inspire you to live your healthiest life because…

What You Eat Matters!

There were times in my life, after three automobile accidents, when I did not have the energy, the knowledge or the resources to renew myself. Getting through each day drained the life out of me. I was a single mom with three children; and no matter how much pain I was in, I had to work and provide for my family.

In my second accident, I lost my hearing from further damage to my cervical spine and was told I had permanent nerve damage to both ears and would never hear again. Prior to this accident, I had been a communications manager in the corporate world. Now I lived in a world of silence and was no longer able to work in my field due to the hearing loss.

After my third accident, I had spinal surgery, abdominal surgery and was diagnosed with a long list of potentially serious conditions that I refused to accept along with their grim outcomes. I was blessed that my hearing was restored enough from the spinal surgery where hearing aides were now a possibility.

All three of my accidents occurred on a beautiful sunny day, and were the result of distracted drivers. In two of these accidents, I was a passenger, and in the third, I was driving to see one of my alternative doctors when I was rear ended and thrown into the path of oncoming vehicles. Each of these took a further toll on my body.

I could have easily become addicted to pain medications, and they were handed out like candy on Halloween. I understand that in some circumstances, medications have great value. However, for me, the adverse effects of the medications on my body led me down another path.

I was on a mission and sought out natural healing in every way possible.

It was definitely not the easiest path, but it’s the path I chose. Somewhere deep within my being, I knew there had to be a more natural way to heal my body and I explored everything possible and tried many alternative therapies and supplements.

I can't control everything in my life but I can control what I put in my body.

This was the beginning of my journey to HEAL my body… cleansing toxins from my body, increasing healthy whole foods, eliminating unhealthy fats, GMO’s, food additives, preservatives and dyes from my diet and eliminating dangerous chemicals from my home and office environment.

None of the above happened overnight. It was a process of embracing this new stage of my life that required change. With each change I made, I felt stronger; and one step at a time, I learned to connect the dots with what my body was exposed to and my physical reaction.

I started seeing Pam Craig at the Body of Truth Holistic Center as a client when I was healing from my first accident. Several years later, I was in the midst of recovering from my second accident, trying to manage my life in my “silent world”, and was unemployed. My dad reminded me that Pam was always interested in training me to be a colon hydrotherapist, and he encouraged me to reach out to her… which I did.

She took me under her wings, personally trained me and booked appointments for me. I did not have hearing aides until several years later, and she would tell clients to tap me on the shoulder to be sure I was looking at them when they spoke. It was challenging, and I’m thankful Pam had faith in me and my abilities.

With her expertise and patience, I can honestly say I was trained by the best instructor possible. While I was working with Pam, she became President of I-ACT, the International Association For Colon Hydrotherapy

Pam continued to encourage me to expand my training and certifications which I did through her and completed the I-ACT certifications as shown below. Also, I met Donna Gates, Founder of Body Ecology Diet, through Pam and completed the Body Ecology Certification Program.

I-ACT Advanced Level Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Completed the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Certification through the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (

National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Completed the National Board Certification through the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT)

Certified Body Ecologist Through Body Ecology

Completed training as a Certified Body Ecologist through Donna Gates, Founder of Body Ecology.

These two ladies had a major impact on my life and my healing. I will forever be grateful for the many lessons they taught me about the importance of cleansing my body and creating a healthy gut to optimize my immune system. I began to appreciate the amazing value of detoxing and eating healing foods to nourish my body.

After working with Pam for eight years, I opened my own office which was only two miles from my home. Cleanse Renew Energize was my sanctuary for the next five years, where I had the privilege of working with incredible clients and doctors.

I truly loved my clients and my practice; however, change was in the wind, and I made the decision to get married after being single for 25 years. I closed my office and relocated a few hours away to spend the rest of my life with my wonderful husband and best friend. I’m proud to say he served in the Navy for 24 years, graduated from Valdosta State University with a Masters in Education and taught school for ten years before retiring.

He has not only encouraged and supported me in my goals to continue to help others on their wellness journey, but he has also embraced a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure, occasionally he loves his fried catfish and taters and some of his other southern comfort foods… and that’s OK… because he realizes his taste buds have changed and that is HUGE.

I am immensely grateful for my husband, our children, grandchildren and all the many angels who nurtured me along the path to re-create my life in a health-oriented career, where I was able to HEAL my body and help others.

Today, I am dedicated to my family, clients and readers. My goal is to provide resources to lift you up and move you forward in your wellness journey.

Even though I no longer see clients, I am actively involved in research, writing and inspiring others to embrace healthy eating for a happier you!

It’s never too late to feel great, and it’s never too late to begin.

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