Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated can improve your brain and infusing your water can speed up your metabolism.

Plus, keeping your body hydrated improves the functions of your liver, heart, lungs, skin, muscles, kidneys and bones. Infusing your water with organic fruits, herbs and veggies can give you a safe and gentle cleanse while maintaining proper hydration in the body.

The truth is, some people don’t like drinking water, and they may not realize how dehydrated they are. As you probably know, dehydration can be a major health problem with serious consequences.

Staying hydrated with plenty of water or infused water is crucial to your health.

Considering that the amount of water in the human body is in the range of 50 to 75 percent depending on age, gender and body structure, you can understand the importance of staying hydrated. Water also plays a significant role in the chemical reactions taking place in the body.

For example, your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. It is approximately 85 percent water and brain cells require a delicate balance between water and other elements to function properly. Without proper hydration, that delicate balance is disrupted.

This same disruption happens throughout the body when we become dehydrated. The importance of keeping your body hydrated is crucial to your health and infusing your water could be helpful.

Infused water is visually appealing and quite tasty. It’s beneficial for everyone, and if you rarely drink water, infusing your water could be just what you need to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water flushes toxins out of the body. Infused water enhances this cleansing and is often referred to as a detox drink which gently cleanses the body while keeping you well hydrated.

Infused water with blueberries, oranges, mint and lavender.

To get started infusing your water, simply add any combination of fruits, veggies, herbs, spices and edible flowers into cold water.

There’s no need to worry about calories, sugar and artificial flavorings when you are adding whole plant-based foods. Keep it simple. If it’s budget friendly for you, choose organic produce that you normally enjoy!

Organic is always the best choice to avoid pesticides and residues. Check the EWG’s Dirty Dozen for 2020 to help plan which foods are best to buy organic. Always wash your produce and thoroughly rinse your herbs before adding to your water. After cleaning all your produce, you can use a Mason jar with lid or a pitcher.

Also, you can buy an infuser bottle or pitcher… it just depends on your preference and lifestyle. If you are on the go all day, you might prefer one of the BPA free infuser bottles. These are available in many shapes and sizes. After you select your container, simply add all of your choices along with purified cold or room temperature water.

Young woman staying hydrated with infused water.
Young lady drinking infused water.

You can drink it right away. However, it may take an hour or two for the richness of the flavors to blend with the water, and the flavor will improve with time. You can eat the fruit later, although it has been diluted with water and may not suit your taste buds!

Also, if your mornings are crazy busy, just prepare your infused water the night before and pop it into the fridge. It will be just perfect in the morning when you’re ready to grab it and go!

Stay motivated and remind yourself that by staying properly hydrated, you are improving the functions of your brain, liver, heart, lungs, skin, muscles, kidneys and bones.

Now it’s time to GET HYDRATED and start INFUSING your water!

Thank You and Join Me

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