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Lemon-Garlic Jumbo Shrimp and Quinoa

I’m highly allergic to shellfish, however, my sweet hubby loves them all. After several years of cooking up his own seafood, I finally prepared this recipe for him, and he was a very happy camper! He’s very particular about his food, and I trust his judgment when he says… “It was delicious”. Sorry folks, I didn’t taste it, but I did eat some quinoa which I love!

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Two young ladies socializing

Social Wellness Tips

Social Wellness Tips to Support Relationships and Healthy Eating For a Strong Immune System ~ Social wellness is about becoming aware of the importance of your role in society as a whole, and especially in your community, and is much more than just keeping up with your social media accounts. A healthy eating lifestyle also

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grapes, cantelope, apples, oranges

Optimize Your Immune System With Whole Nutrient-Dense Foods

Optimizing your immune system with whole nutrient dense foods is not hard, although for some it can be challenging to even think about eating fruits and veggies, much less give up their comfort foods. When you eat foods that are low in nutrients, you are literally cheating your body of the essential nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system.

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