Let’s Celebrate With Healthy Habits!

Let’s Celebrate With Healthy Habits!

Your Thoughts, Plans and Habits – Are These On Your Mind for Creating Healthy Habits in the New Year? Are you thinking…

Today I am making small changes to build a healthy body and optimize my immune system.

I choose to eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and avoid harmful chemicals on my body and in my home for a safer environment. These three choices help me look good, feel good, and strengthen my immune system to deter diseases.

Are these thoughts, plans and habits in your mind for the New Year?

When I choose to have a healthy body and eat healthy meals, I feed my body what it craves for optimum performance. I take the time to plan in advance so I can enjoy healthy meals at home. Just a little bit of planning keeps away the temptation to pick up fast food in a hurry.

I find it easy to get plenty of exercise. When I can take the elevator or the stairs, I choose the stairs. When I take a break from my work, I go for a short walk outside to get moving and enjoy some fresh air. When I am at home, I am sure to spend plenty of time playing with my children and pets. This gives us all some healthy exercise!

I do not allow things in my diet or my home that contaminate my health. I avoid excesses like too much caffeine or sugar. I am free from smoke. I clean my house with natural cleaners rather than with harmful chemicals. Plus, I use organic methods of gardening and pest control.

Healthy Habits - The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new. ~ Socrates

Developing healthy habits helps me to make my choices automatic so that I am not tempted by the unhealthy alternatives.

Today, I plan to rid my house of unhealthy foods and chemicals and replace them with products that contribute to a healthy body.

Self-Reflection Questions:

How often do I pick up fast food?

Do I have nutritious food in my house or junk food?

Am I using the safest household and personal products for my health?

What can I do each day to incorporate more exercise into my routine?

You don’t have to change all your habits overnight. Awareness as to what you want to focus on is a key factor, and add one healthy habit into your daily life, then another. Soon you will notice that the more you do them, the more progress you’ll make toward your health goals.

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