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Fermented Vegetables

Balancing the Bacteria In Your Gut ~ The healthy probiotics (good bacteria) in fermented foods and beverages help to keep your colon clean, improves the function of your colon and provides a place for these friendly bacteria to grow! The good news is that probiotic-rich fermented foods and beverages have been around for thousands of […]

I’m highly allergic to shellfish, however, my sweet hubby loves them all. After several years of cooking up his own seafood, I finally prepared this recipe for him, and he was a very happy camper! He’s very particular about his food, and I trust his judgment when he says… “It was delicious”. Sorry folks, I didn’t taste it, but I did eat some quinoa which I love!

Quick, Easy and Delicious Chicken Parmesan

This Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti recipe is a family favorite that is quick, easy and delicious. It’s one of those great recipes that can be prepped, cooked and ready to serve in an hour.

Your family or guests will be delighted!

Simple Smoothie Guide

Are You Ready to Add Plant-Based Nutritional Smoothies to Your Healthy Eating Plan? If so, you want to be sure you are making a smoothie that has all the important nutrients you need while adding more plant-based foods. For smoothies that pack a big nutritional punch, you want to look at the combination of fruits

Benefits of the Green Smoothie Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Green Smoothies Are Nutrient-Dense, Super Powerful Drinks to Energize Your Life! Smoothies are highly beneficial for your energy levels, and they are easily digested and provide the fiber and nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. Green smoothies are the quickest way to add healing green vegetables to your healthy eating lifestyle. You can

grapes, cantelope, apples, oranges

Optimizing your immune system with whole nutrient dense foods is not hard, although for some it can be challenging to even think about eating fruits and veggies, much less give up their comfort foods. When you eat foods that are low in nutrients, you are literally cheating your body of the essential nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system.

Lady prepping healthy food.

The benefits of healthy eating is finally going mainstream, and the medical community is beginning to take a closer look at the possibility that food is the best medicine.

This momentum of interest to make healthier choices and eating whole foods is taking place in our society now and what an exciting shift it is!

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